Layered Shades

Layered shades (also known as zebra shades) offer a modern take on light control with their alternating bands of sheer and opaque fabrics. When open, the layers align to gently filter light through the sheer material, while closed bands block light for a clean, elegant look. They’re in exclusive prints, patterns, and textures to create a unique and distinctly modern feel.

Layered Shades

Airy & Modern Shades

Adjust the vane alignment to fine tune light control, or raise the shade completely Sleek, fabric-wrapped cassette comes standard and creates a cohesive appearance in the window Shades raise completely in the cassette for a perfectly open view Free vane alignment, when requested at time of order, ensures a consistent look across windows in the same room

Layered Shades

Effortless Light Control

NA Blinds' layered shades provide effortless light control with dual fabric layers. Easily adjust the shades to let in soft, diffused light through the sheer fabric during the day and enjoy complete privacy at night by aligning the opaque panels.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Graber Limited Lifetime Warranty represents a dedication to your complete satisfaction — ensuring a lifetime of beauty, excellence, and service when you need it most.

Child Safe

An independent laboratory has tested and certified that this product has options without operating cords or where inner cords are inaccessible and won’t form a loop based on industry safety standards.

Stress-Tested in Extreme Environments

From testing adhesive strength in high heat to UV testing painted components and textiles, we ensure finished window treatments perform consistently for years to come

Hand-crafted Quality

Graber craftsmen hand-craft each slat that goes into your wood blinds, so expect the highest quality and attention to detail.